Katch Skills is
the Bridge to a 
Skills First Future.

Katch Skills is the AI-powered performance management tool that enables a

Skills-First Future.

Intuitive dashboard

User-friendly interface designed for non-HR experts.

Katch Skills Seeks To
Disrupt How We
Value What’s Learned

Katch focuses on skills rather than traditional qualifications helping organizations identify and develop the true potential of their employees.

Most performance management software caters to large, well-funded organizations with robust HR teams, overlooking smaller businesses that are primed to hire based on skills.

We Streamline Talent & Performance Management 

Katch’s innovative system aggregates skills in real time to connect employers to the skills needed to find talent, grow their talent, and scale their businesses.

Katch Skills is the AI-powered skills-first talent management

tool for busy organizations.


We Elevate

Katch Skills’ dashboards help businesses understand the skills they need to scale.


Katch Skills offers tools tailored to your business goals, enhancing transparency across roles and capabilities within your organization.

Our Team

Laura Maristany
Founder & CEO

Polimnia Rossin