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Divi-Modules – Table Maker brings beautiful responsive tables to the Divi Builder.

Features Include:

  • Multiple Headers and Footers
  • Column and Row Spanning
  • Icon, Button and Image Cells
  • Accordion view for mobile
  • Scrolling with Sticky Headers

DiviMenus is about to change the way you think of menu creation

Still making boring menus

Lead visitors with eye-catching items, buttons, popups… Add DiviMenus to your page and Boost Your Content Engagement!

Don’t call them Menus, they are DiviMenus!

Don’t think of a “DiviMenu” as just a standard header, but also having the superpower to design all kinds of fully customizable buttons within your page to bring new fresh content when clicking or hovering over your Menu Items (Popups, Show/Hide elements, Dropdown menus… ) Actually, you can use it as either a menu, a grid, a custom layout creator, a button inside an image or video, a social sharing tool, a filter tool that shows and hide page elements, or even a popup or banner generator. Possibilities are endless!

How does it work?

1. Design

The DiviMenus plugin includes 2 different modules: “DiviMenus” and “DiviMenus Flex”. (Discover below some of the main differences between them).
Choose the one that suits you best and add from 1 to multiple fully customizable Menu Items (Icons, Text, Images…)
You can also add a Logo, a Shopping Cart, a Menu Button to open/close your “DiviMenu”…

2. Link Types

Assign your Menu Items multiple Link Types (URL, Popup, Show, Sub…) For example, you can toggle entire Divi Sections as a Tabs module, reveal any Layout stored in your Divi Library as a Popup or Mega Menu, or even reveal a WordPress Menu stored in Appearance > Menus asa Collapsible Dropdown Menu… You can create all kinds of “DiviMenus” to access your content!

Title & Description: 🎉 NEW! 🎉

Tables can include a title and description which can be positioned above or below the table, or hidden so that they are visible to screen readers only.

Table Columns & Rows:

Tables can include as many columns and rows as you need.

Table Headers & Footers:

Tables can include any combination of table content, column headers, column footers, row headers, and row footers.

Table Corners: 🎉 NEW! 🎉

Corner options allow you to hide or show the table’s top-left corner cells and select whether corners are styled as headers or footers.