Skills-First Hiring
Talent Management
Streamlining Talent & Performance Management Operations for Busy Organizations

An AI-powered web platform, Katch is the skills-first talent management tool for busy organizations.

Katch features an AI-powered dashboard designed to simplify talent management for businesses. By leveraging a skills-based tech stack, Katch enables employer firms to hire and develop their talent based on skills rather than traditional qualifications. Our innovative approach allows employers to collect and leverage skills-based data, so that they can focus on the capabilities that matter most. At Katch, we are committed to empowering employers of all sizes build more effective and agile teams.

Katch is not just a tool; it’s a movement. 

We envision a


where employers can hire and promote based on skills.


Networks open doors for growth in every field. 


Insights help people keep up with new trends across issues and practices. 


Skills needed to meet the demands of the economy are constantly evolving at a rapid pace. The next frontier is a unified language around skills that helps connect individual job seekers, employers, and education providers. 

Our Team

Laura Maristany
Co-Founder & CEO

Polimnia Rossin
Co-Founder & CCO