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A trusted source of networks, insights and skills for people and employers.

A web platform, Katch is the bridge to a skills-first future, where we value skills over traditional qualifications and make skill development accessible for everyone.

Katch is on a mission to redefine the professional landscape by translating every job, experience, interest,  and training opportunity into a dynamic language of skills. Katch’s user-powered skills inventories empower individuals, training providers, and employers to seamlessly connect, creating a unified platform where networks, insights, and experiences converge into searchable inventories.

Katch is not just a tool; it’s a movement. Katch is for people who want to align their strengths and interests to their next career boost.

Katch is for employers looking to replace their team’s over reliance on certifications and degrees to hire and promote based on skills.

We Offer


Networks open doors for growth in every field. Find the right ones to grow and unlock the doors to your next career boost.


Insights help people keep up with new trends across issues and practices. Access insights that build your technical and soft skills long term.


Skills needed to meet the demands of the economy are constantly evolving at a rapid pace. The next frontier is a unified language around skills that helps connect individual job seekers, employers, and education providers. Showcase your skills with our unique resume profiles.

Our Team

Laura Maristany
Co-Founder & CEO

Polimnia Rossin
Co-Founder & CCO